Rumford Hunting & Fishing Club
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T Shirts , Hats and Stickers,Beer coozies
These are for sale at all meetings and club events. ---------
We now have a new order of coozies and Black Club shirts
Bay State
Trading Post
" A free people ought not only be armed
and disciplined but they should have
sufficient arms and ammunition to
maintain a status of independence from
any who might harm them, which would
include their own government."
George Washington
Gun raffles!
We have 2 Gun raffles that will be drawn at the Pig
Roast in September. The Savages are raffling of an
SX3 Shotgun. $10 per ticket or 3 tickets for $20.
The general raffle is for a Springfield 1911A1 Range
Officer 1911. 100 tickets printed, $20 per ticket.
Club Surf & Turf!
We had a great time at the Surf & Turf this year! We
served almost 300 people and had lot's of help.
Pig Roast tickets available!
Pig Roast tickets are now available!