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Club Shoot - June 10, 2017
We had a great time at the club shoot on June 10th!
The kitchen group provided lunch and Billy Francis
did a great job organizing the event!
Club Surf & Turf
The club Surf & Turf on July 29th is selling out fast!
See a member for tickets before they are all gone....

Event Winners!

Rifle - Men

#1 - Bill Francis
#2 - Joe Mottta
#3 - Marc Medeiros

Rifle - Women

#1 - Missie Travers
#2 - Donna Iddings
#3 - Heidi Connolly

Rifle - Youth Boys

#1 - Zach Read
#2 - Matt Melanson
#3 - Andrew Francis

Rifle - Youth Girls

#1 - Mary Iddings
#2 - Jean Francis
#3 - Shanna McCarty

Event Winners!

Pistol - Men

#1 - Bill Francis
#2 - Joe Mottta
#3 -J
im Goulart

Pistol - Women

#1 - Donna Iddings
#2 - S
tacey Medeiros
#3 - Heidi Connolly

Pistol - Youth Boys

#1 - Andrew Francis
#2 - D
evin Macmillan
#3 - A
lex Iddings

Pistol - Youth Girls

#1 - Jean Francis
#2 - M
ary Iddings
#3 - Shanna McCarty
Click here for pictures from the event!
Youth Fishing Tournament - 2017
The club hosted our first annual youth fishing
tournament in May! The Agawan Club in Rehoboth
provided breakfast and parking for the event. 16 kids
competed and all had a blast! Every competitor won
a prize and lunch was provided at our club. Chris
George, Jim Sine, Mike Malafronte and other
members helped organize the event. Next year it will
be even bigger!
Pictures can be viewed on the club Facebook site: