Rumford Hunting & Fishing Club
Who Are We ?
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The Rumford Hunting and Fishing Club was founded on September 24, 1948. The original
Corporation Papers were signed by Stuart Cogswell, Richard Hicks, Elmer Fogg, Edward
Matthews, Preston Cook and Benjamin Stanley.  The club was originally located on Rocky
Hill Road in Rehoboth MA.  In July 1957, the club moved to its current location on
Providence St. on the Palmer River.  The club was founded by a group of sportsmen
organized for the sole purpose of sponsoring activities in the field of Target Shooting,
Hunting and Fishing and Wildlife Conservation.  The club currently has a membership cap of
125 members. Prospective new members must be sponsored by 2 members in good standing.  
New members serve a two year probation before becoming eligible for full membership.  The
club holds annual dinners open to the public.  The club also sponsors shooting, fishing and
archery events. We hold firearm and archery safety courses for our members and the general
public. The club has four officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) and a
Board of Governors.  The Board of Governors consists of six members.  Elections are held in
January at the annual meeting. The club also has a Junior Member Program to pass on our
love of hunting, fishing and shooting to the next generation.  Each year, the Rumford
Hunting and Fishing club sponsors two junior members to attend the Bristol County League
Conservation Camp.  Members who have given the club a life time of service may be elected
to  Life Membership.